Now with more infuriating power!

About a year ago, an unhappy accident occurred in our house. My sweet husband accidentally knocked my laptop, an IBM ThinkPad, off a tv tray that I (or he – I can’t remember) was using as a desk. Crash, boom, bang, and the laptop wouldn’t boot up completely anymore.

We finally got around to sending it off to my uncle, a wizard at rescuing data and restoring broken machines to working order. (He should be a wizard at it; after all, that is his job.) He installed a new hard drive, cleaned the data up as best he could, and sent it back to us. We just got it back today, and I was so excited.

It boots, but it won’t allow me to reset my password. I logged in as the Administrator; it won’t even open the User Accounts window, or the Windows Update window, or pretty much anything else. I can, however, access all of the data files under my real profile. I’ll be backing those gobs (that is what GB stands for, right?) to DVD all night long.

You see, after gnashing of teeth and frantic Googling, I think there is only one option left. That is why I’m now creating recovery discs that will restore the laptop to factory settings.

The joy of machinery, eh?

Please don’t ruin my Christmas cheer by saying I wouldn’t have any of these issues with a Linux, Apple, or Sumerian Cuneiform system. Seriously. Why kick someone when she’s down?

2 Responses to “Now with more infuriating power!”

  1. Oh, no! Reformat-and-reinstall?
    Well, as much of a pain as that is, it is usually quite effective at fixing the cumulative little things that go wrong.

  2. erin says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the necessary step. My uncle did amazing recovery of the data, but I think it just needs a clean slate now!

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